How To Prepare For A Hailstorm

How should I prepare my home for a hailstorm?

Storm season 2022 is quickly approaching! Spring storms carry the added danger of hail; the weather conditions during early spring can combine to create high winds, low clouds, temperature swings, and massive hailstones. So how should you prep for a hailstorm? Are there any protective steps to take?

The tricky part about hail storms is the conditions. Environmental factors must combine in exactly the right order to create hail. Everything from cloud size to wind speed affects the formation of hail, and the overall process happens very quickly – making it almost impossible to fully predict when and where a hailstorm will hit. Meteorologists often forecast ‘severe thunderstorms’ and note a possibility of hail, but again, these storms are quick to appear (and dissipate).

Because hail is such a sudden-onset occurrence, emergency preparation isn’t always feasible. (think: tying a tarp down over your roof before each and every spring thunderstorm). Instead, practicing good home maintenance year-round will help keep your roof – and you! – safe during a hail storm. Your home maintenance routine should include regular roof inspections, prompt attention to recommended repairs or leaks, and making sure your gutters are flushed out twice a year. Book your appointment online today!

What should I do if a hailstorm happens?

If a hailstorm happens, the first step to take is simple: call your trusted roofing contractor for a free inspection. Only a qualified, well-trained roofing contractor will be able to properly assess the damage, and can best inform you on what to do next. Hail damage can be difficult to spot for the untrained eye, and ignoring hail damage can quickly escalate, leading to leaks, mold, structural deterioration, and even roof collapse.

Hail Damage

Does insurance cover roof replacements?

Once your roof has been thoroughly examined, your Guy Roofing inspection expert will be able to guide you through the insurance claims process. Though it varies between providers, most major homeowners’ insurance policies cover a significant portion of a roof replacement after storm damage. Because hail has a tangible, measurable impact on your roof, Guy Roofing is able to provide highly accurate damage estimates and works directly with your insurance provider to quickly and efficiently get your claim filed.

How long after a hailstorm should I wait to replace my roof?

Some homeowners hesitate to contact a roofing contractor after the first few storms of the season. They think, why replace the roof when we’ve got so many more storms to get through? Though this may seem logical, it’s actually one of the worst things you can do – delaying a roof inspection for the ‘storm around the corner’ might leave you vulnerable to seriously catastrophic damage!

That’s because roofs that experience hail damage to the degree of needing replacement are already vulnerable. A roof can be significantly impacted by a hailstorm, depending on how much severe weather it’s gone through and how well it’s been cared for during its lifetime. So, planning to ‘wait out’ storm season (or otherwise delaying a roof inspection) only leaves you MORE vulnerable to worst-case-scenario damage – like, say, your roof collapsing during the night, or persistent leaks fostering toxic mold growth in your home.

After a hailstorm hits your home, always schedule a free roof inspection. Catching damage early is the only way to truly keep your home safe, protected, and ready to take on the next storm that comes your way. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a trusted roofing expert, like Guy Roofing, as soon as possible!