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Though widely popular as a residential roofing style, shingles have a stronghold in the commercial roofing world, as well. For commercial structures with a sloped roofing system, shingles provide both durable coverage and visual interest. The majority of commercial roofing contractors have limited experience with large-scale shingle projects for commercial structures, and will only work with flat-roofed commercial buildings. Guy Roofing’s extensive experience as a roofing contractor means we’re uniquely qualified to manage complex steep-slope shingle projects.

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Commercial Shingle Benefits

Just like residential roofing, applying shingles to your commercial building has plenty of perks. From style to cost efficiency, our top benefits of commercial shingle roofing are:

VERSATILITY | Available in a wide range of mediums, colors, and shapes, shingles are the most versatile roofing material, making it easy to customize the style of any sloped commercial building. From charcoal-gray asphalt to molded metal, shingles offer an incredibly versatile range of styles. See our Commercial Shingle Gallery for recent installations we’ve done.

VALUE-DRIVEN | Shingles are a value-driven roofing solution, both for the low cost of materials and ease of installation. Asphalt shingles in particular are an affordable way to protect your commercial building -- they’re less expensive than other materials, easier to install, and highly durable, making them a favorite for both commercial and residential structures.

HIGHLY DURABLE | Whether for residential or commercial applications, shingles are a durable roofing solution that work well in any climate. Metal shingles have the longest life cycle of commercial roofing shingles, and Guy Roofing custom-molds our metal shingles in-house. Though typically attached in panels, molded metal shingles are a growing trend in metal roofing, and are equally as resistant as standing-seam metal panels.

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