Hail Damage Roof Inspection: What to Do if You Have Hail Damage on Your Roof

Hail damage roof repair isn't as rare as you might think. Many homeowners experience hail damage, but how do you know when it's time to get your home inspected for this type of damage? How can you ensure that you get the right help from a professional roofing company – especially one that can work with your insurance company?

Don’t panic! Luckily, Guy Roofing is here to walk you through the process. Read on to learn what you need to know when it comes to roof hail damage.

1. Look for Signs of Damage

The very first thing you'll need to do when you expect hail damage is to look for specific signs that indicate damage. Here are a few important ones to look for.

Missing Shingle Granules

While hail needs to be relatively large to cause extensive damage, small pieces of hail can still loosen the granules on your roof's shingles. The impact of hail, when it contacts your roof, can cause these granules to dislodge from the shingle, especially if the shingles are older and beginning to deteriorate.

Hail 13

Always remember that this can happen to any home! Just because your home is only a few years old doesn’t mean it’s immune to damage.

You might not realize it, but granules are an important layer of roofing material. They are responsible for weather-proofing your roof. When granules are destroyed your roof is left vulnerable to UV radiation and heat, which can cause cracking and hardening of your shingles.

If you happen to see these granules around your home, in your gutters, or in an abnormal amount, it’s time to call in the pros.

Dents in Shingles

If hailstones from a storm are large enough, they can leave dents or dimples in asphalt shingles.

You're most likely to see this kind of damage on the north and west-facing sides of your home, since these are the sides that experience the most sun exposure, which causes the shingles to heat up and become extremely soft and susceptible to damage.

Sometimes this damage can be visible from the ground, but sometimes it can be tough to see. It’s always better to get a professional opinion on whether your roof is damaged. What you think is normal might be an even bigger problem!

Cracked or Split Shingles

Another very common sign is cracked or split shingles. This type of damage can leave your home much more susceptible to water damage! Uh oh! You’re most likely to notice splitting and cracking on the south and east-facing shingles of your home.

Damaged Metal

If your roof has metal vent pipes or flashing, you're likely to notice damage from the hailstones and strong wind. Sometimes, hailstones are large enough to cause holes in the metal, which means it’s much more likely you will have water damage. This is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Warped Shingles

Another sign is warping to your shingles. When there is a storm, you often see high wind speeds which can cause shingle deformation.

Holes in the Roof

If the hail is large and winds are forceful, you could potentially experience holes in your roof. This is usually caused by pieces of hail that are extremely large (as in the size of a golf ball or softball).

Hail Damaged Roof

You might think it’s easy to see holes in your roof from the ground, however they are typically not visible. While it may be tempting to climb up on your roof to see the damage yourself, it’s often a better idea to have a professional roofing company, like Guy Roofing, come out and do the examination. Schedule an appointment today and our Guys can be there at a time that is most convenient for you!

2. Call Your Insurance Company

Once the damage has been surveyed, you'll need to call your insurance company to file a claim or work with a reputable roofing contractor that can work with your insurance off the bat. Your insurance company will assign an adjuster to come out to your home and complete an inspection. Then, they'll either approve your claim or let you know that your home doesn’t have qualifying damage.

4. Find a Reliable Roofing Contractor

If you haven’t already contacted a reputable roofing contractor with previous experience working with insurance companies, now’s the time. The right company can help take the “heavy lifting” of paperwork off your hands.

The most important thing to consider when searching for a roofing contractor isn’t always the least expensive price. You want to ensure you find a contractor that does high-quality work and is willing to advocate for you during the insurance process. You also want to find someone that will stand behind their work and answer all your questions about your roof repair (or replacement).

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If you meet with a roofing contractor and find that you don't trust them, or you can't find anything positive (or anything at all) about their previous work online, it’s probably best to move to another option. A professional roofing contractor with a good reputation and excellent online reviews is going to be your top option. Check out some Guy Roofing’s reviews here!

Once you find a roofing contractor that exceeds all your expectations, schedule your repairs! It’s better to get things rolling as soon as possible so avoid further damage to your roof, and potentially your home.

Do You Need Hail Damage Roof Repair?

If you've experienced hail damage recently, be sure to get an inspection done as soon as possible. You also want to double check your home insurance policy to see if roof repairs are covered (and what your deductible is if so!).

If you’re searching for a professional roofing contractor for your hail damage roof repair, contact Guy Roofing today. As America’s most trusted and professional roofing contractor (and the official roofing contractor of the Charlotte Hornets), our team can handle all your roof repairs from beginning to end – with excellent workmanship, unmatched customer service, and unrivaled coverage.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment with our online booking tool. We look forward to seeing you soon!