What Should You Do If You Suspect Your Roof Has Storm Damage?

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When a storm devastates a region, materials become scarce, labor is in short supply, and small and unprofessional roofers flood the area. Storm chasers are companies that follow severe storms and complete home repairs in the affected areas. Their objective is to complete the job quickly and move on to the next damaged area. They often offer incentives or a pay to get around paying your insurance deductive. Please be aware that not paying your deductible is ILLEGAL, despite what storm chasers say

If you suspect you have storm damage:

1. Call Guy Roofing to schedule a free roof inspection with one of our Guy University trained professionals.

2. Call your insurance company and have an adjuster come out. Let them know that Guy Roofing has inspected your roof and confirmed hail damage exists.

3. The adjuster will inspect your roof and, if approved, will give you a report listing the Replacement Cost Value to replace your roof. An Actual Cash Value check will be issued with the deductible subtracted from this check.

4. When the job is complete, we will send you an invoice to forward to your insurance company and a second check (Recoverable Depreciation) will be issued to you by your insurance company. Both checks plus your deductible will be due to Guy Roofing for services rendered. This is in addition to any applicable upgrade amounts as well.

For over 45 years, Guy Roofing has successfully managed national catastrophe teams dedicated to relieving homeowners by educating and assisting them with their insurance related repairs after a storm has hit.

We have been a trusted partner of all major insurance companies for decades as their number one choice for storm restoration services – we are the true authority in our industry! Our certified technicians are professionally trained to inspect and evaluate storm damage to your home and property. To schedule a roof evaluation, please call us today at 800-771-0778.