Guy Roofing Launches "Roofs for Heroes" for Deserving Military Veterans

When it comes to community service, Guy Roofing consistently stands out. The company, already a premier source for quality roofing services in the residential and commercial spaces, is now stepping forward with an initiative that touches hearts: the "Roofs for Heroes" program.

Roofs for Heroes 2

For many military veterans, financial strains are an unwelcome yet familiar part of life. Recognizing this challenge, Guy Roofing has launched a program that promises to shoulder a significant part of the burden. "Roofs for Heroes," a bi-annual program, is designed to offer a military veteran with a complete re-roofing of their home entirely free of cost.

Roofs for Heroes 1

But why this gesture? As explained by Jeff Guy, Vice-President of Guy Roofing, "The courage, resilience, and sacrifice of our military families have been an inspiration. Offering free roofing is more than just a service; it's a tribute to their spirit and a heartfelt thank-you for their contributions."

Guy Roofing's commitment to giving back is evident, and the "Roofs for Heroes" initiative is a shining example of that.

Those interested in the program have until November 30, 2023, to apply. Click here to view the application criteria, details about the program, and apply!

Guy Roofing is proud to not only protect homes but also honor heroes.