Firestone Master Contractor 2017

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Master Contractor for three years running!

We are honored to be named as a 2017 Firestone Master Contractor Gold for our commitment to quality when it comes to installing the Firestone Red Shield warranted roofing systems. Thank you, Firestone, for this recognition!

Firestone describes their Master Contractor Award as the following:

Since its inception, the Firestone Master Contractor program has recognized outstanding contractors who
have been responsible for the installation of billions of square feet of warranted Firestone Roofing Systems.
High-quality workmanship and a commitment to long-term roofing system performance are the attributes of
a Firestone Master Contractor. This annual program recognizes Firestone’s top achieving contractor firms in
North America and Latin America who meet our criteria for determining the most elite contractors.
Our top contractors qualify for membership in Firestone’s prestigious Master Contractor Program.

This highly regarded group is comprised of our top 250 contractors based on the quality of their work,
number of jobs, product mix, and volume of warranted square feet. They have mastered quality commercial
roofing solutions while driving significant Firestone business. These contractors exemplify the hard work,
determination and entrepreneurial leadership that define Firestone.

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