STORM CHASERS: The Shifty Grifters You Should Avoid

It’s that time of year again.

Unpredictable weather, harsh winds, heavy hail, and… pop-up roofing signs.

For an industry built on protecting families, residential roofing has its fair share of grifters – those who seek to profit off another’s misfortune. Since roofing is particularly pivotal after severe storms hit, these grifters wait in the wings until disaster strikes – and then make their move into weather-torn communities, touting cheap services in record time.

As the saying goes, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.’ If a company you’ve never heard of pops up at your door with out-of-state license plates, chances are it’s a grifter company coming after your money.

The primary reason these businesses are so dangerous is their instability. “Oftentimes, what you get with these so-called contractors is a lot of false promises – empty assurances that they’ll provide X service for X amount of dollars. Typically, they can’t deliver on the materials and labor, so they’ll just vanish – along with your hard-earned money,” remarks Max Spott, Residential Field Trainer. “With an established, secure company like Guy Roofing, you’re guaranteed a contractor that won’t disappear into thin air. You’re guaranteed to get that roof repaired.”

How do you authenticate a roofing company?

Beyond the basics – like whether they have a physical office location, whether you’ve heard of them before, or whether you’ve seen their signs / billboards / trucks, there are a few other ways of authenticating a roofing contractor.


One way to quickly identify whether a company is legitimate or not lies in whether they have any state or national nonprofit trade association memberships. Those memberships are key; requirements for membership include a minimum length of time in business (the company must be established and operating for several years), a signed ethical practice code, and insured with liability protection of a minimum amount. Often, new members are required to be sponsored by an existing member, which lends further credibility toward any contractor with a trade association membership. Those truly committed to the industry will proudly share their trade association affiliations.


Manufacturers of roofing materials also recognize legitimate contractors with installation certifications. These credentials prove commitment to the trade, and moreover illustrate general competence and proof of practice. Certification tiers lend further credibility – contractors are evaluated on how well they follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to installation, and overall how well they build out the entire roofing system (so the materials perform at the optimal level). If a roofing contractor has achieved the highest level of certification from a major material manufacturer, it’s a concrete way of verifying their legitimacy.


Referrals for a roofing contractor from your own neighbors, friends, and family in the area are great ways to identify someone trustworthy. Word-of-mouth and direct recommendations from those you trust are the most authentic ways of determining whether a company is reputable or not. Look for overlap / repeatedly used companies; ask your neighbors; drive through safe residential areas. The most prominent roofing contractors in your community will be highly visible – through repeat signage, custom trucks, billboards, and active worksites -- not sprinkled at random in shadowy areas.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Guy Roofing is among the most established names in roofing nation-wide. Guy Roofing’s sprawling campus in South Carolina keeps a well-stocked inventory of roofing materials, ensuring we’re never in a supply shortage during a crisis. As an elite-level certified installation expert with every major roofing materials manufacturer in the United States, Guy Roofing’s commitment and endurance is reflected in numerous awards, including the Better Business Bureau’s Integrity Award (plus an A+ BBB rating!). It’s proof-positive that Guy Roofing is a commercial, industrial, and residential roofing industry leader.

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