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For over 50 years, Guy Roofing has successfully managed national catastrophe teams, dedicated to relieving homeowners by educating and assisting them with their insurance-related repairs after a storm has hit their community.

We have been a trusted partner with all major insurance companies for decades as their number one choice for storm restoration services, meaning we are a true authority in our industry. It also means we can quickly and accurately inspect and evaluate storm damage. This confirms that when we report findings, our conclusions have true credibility.

We are the Preferred Choice for Storm Restoration

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What to Expect After a Storm

When a storm devastates a region many things happen:

  • Materials become scarce
  • Labor is in short supply
  • Small and unprofessional roofers flood the area

Our team of restoration experts are trained to deal with the unique challenges that come with the unpredictable weather a storm brings. With our enormous inventory of roofing products, kept on site at our warehouse facility, we have the ability to provide timely installations under devastating weather circumstances.

Hail Damage

When a roof is exposed to a hailstorm severe enough to cause granules to be knocked off from the surface of an asphalt shingle, the roof has definitely been compromised. The granules on the asphalt shingle protect the underlying asphalt from exposure to the sun. Prolonged sun exposure can cause the asphalt on the shingle to deteriorate, causing an asphalt roof to fail prematurely.

Wind and Rain

Wind and Rain

Winds can reach at least 300 miles per hour during a severe thunderstorm, wind blows shingles off the roof while the rain beats down causing a collection of rainwater that builds up and eventually breaks through the roof causing leaks. Winds can rip siding off your home and exacerbate the pelting of your exterior with hail and debris as well.

Hurricanes and Tornados

Hurricanes and Tornados

Maintaining a sturdy home that is protected from unexpected weather conditions can be incredibly difficult, especially in the case of a natural disaster. Hurricanes and tropical storm damages are a common occurrence in some areas of the United States. These strong winds, rain, and flooding can cause severe damage to homes.

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