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Reduce operating costs and get a competitive edge with a custom solar energy system.

More and more businesses and institutions are turning to solar energy. Why? It’s simple. Over the years, solar energy technology has become more powerful and efficient. At the same time, the cost of installation has come down. The result? Solar panel installation can significantly reduce your company’s operating costs and deliver tax advantages for impressive ROI.
When you install a custom solar energy system from Guy Roofing, you tap into a limitless source of renewable energy. And that means taking control of your corporate energy costs. You’ll save money by drastically lowering your company’s energy bill and reducing the threat of rising costs down the road. And if improving your bottom line weren’t incentive enough, solar panels will reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your company’s image in the marketplace.
And there’s no better time to invest in solar energy for industrial and commercial businesses. Right now, your company can capitalize on generous state and federal tax incentives that can accelerate system payback and years-to-positive cash flow. 
Guy Roofing is a premier supplier of solar energy systems for residential, commercial and institutional customers. With more than 45 years in the roofing and construction industry, Guy has the resources and expertise to make your renewable energy plans a reality. 
So, contact Guy Roofing to reduce operating costs, improve your corporate image and maximize your ROI. And do it all while enjoying significant tax incentives. Guy Roofing offers easy design and installation for a total custom solution that will deliver renewable solar energy to your business or for decades to come.

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